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Vision of GSPA

To be a leading public administration school in Asia that produces executives and leaders in the public sector to facilitate sustainable development.

Mission of GSPA

  1. To produce graduates at the Master and Doctoral levels who have knowledge and expertise in professional management and are able to use such knowledge and expertise in the administration and development of the country with morality.
  2. To produce research and other academic work in support of the administration and development of the country.
  3. To provide academic service for agencies in the public sector, the private sector and the civic sector for the purpose of emphasizing sustainable development and of preserving art, culture and local wisdoms.
  4. To promote networks of academic collaboration with public and private organizations both at home and abroad for sustainable development.

  • G    “Governance”
  •    “Social Responsibility and Sustainability”
  • P   “Partnership and Participation”
  •   “Academic Excellence”

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