M.P.P.M. office hours classes (Bangkok office)
English language program
For studying on Mon-Fri (9.00-16.00) only
Call for application Now – 5 April 2023

*Commencement date for study: 15 August 2023
*Please find more detail in the announcement

HOW to apply
 Master’s degree program (Self-Financing)
 Master’s degree program (Scholarship Type2)
 Master’s degree program (Working Experience)

Please fill the application form and send to priyaporn.jam@nida.ac.th

M.P.P.M. Non-Office hours classes (Bangkok and Provincial offices)
Thai language program

 M.P.P.M. Non-Office hours classes
For studying on Saturday (8.30-17.00) only

M.P.P.M.’S OFFICES Academic Year Walk-in online
Bangkok Office
Chon Buri Provincial Office 1/66 Now – 9th June 2023 Now – 9th June 2023