EROPA MembersUS$ 250 
Non-EROPA MembersUS$ 300 
Accompanying Persons*
(*entitled only to meals and opportunity to observe in sessions)
US$ 200 
Local studentEarly bird 3,000 THBStandard 4,500 THB
Local ProfessionalEarly bird 4,500 THBStandard 5,000 THB

1) Foreigner rates will be paid in cash upon the reception desk only.
2) Local rate is for local student and professional who hold Thai citizenship only.
3) Local rate is not including Dinner.
4) The early bird rate lasts until 23 May 2021.
5) Local student and local professional rates must be paid via Bangkok Bank, Account no. 944-031-500-1,
Account name EROPA 2020 Once the transaction has been done, please forward a Pay-in slip to email: