Master of Public Administration Program
Graduate Schol of Public Administration
National Institute of Development Administration
—– (Revised Curriculum on March 14,2018)——

GSPA has periodically revised the MPA program with the purpose of reacting properly to the needs of individuals and agencies in the public sector in order to help equip them with knowledge and skills in response to the dynamics of socio-political changes which create both positive and negative impacts upon public management in Thailand. The revision of the program is also in line with the requirement of Thailand Qualification Framework (TQF), under the control of the Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC), which specifies that each program must be revised at least every five years. The current MPA program has undergone revision in 2017 and was approved by the OHEC in the same year. The revision includes changes to the program objectives, structure, ELOs to name but a few. The revision of the program was involved by various stakeholders such as students, faculty members, supporting staff, alumni, employers of our graduates etc. To involve the stakeholders.

1. Program title
Master of  Public Administration (M.P.A.)
2. Educational philosophy

Learning from the real-world evidence

3. Program objectives

3.1 To produce graduates who have knowledge and expertise in support of the development of a country.
3.2 To produce graduates who have capabilities to analyze, synthesize and apply knowledge to solve complex issues and are able to use their research skills to provide innovative solutions to the problems in the public sector.
3.3 To encourage students to realize the importance of good governance in public management.
3.4 To train students to become change leaders who are keen to seek new knowledge in order to facilitate sustainable development.

4. Program specification
5. Admission requirements

5.1 Hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from educational institutes accredited by the Office of the Higher Education Commission, or the Office of the Civil Service Commission, or organizations with standard accreditation or with accreditation recognized by the National Institute of Development Administration.
5.2 Have required professional experience in accordance with the announcement of the Institute.
5.3 Pass selection criteria set by the Institute through written exam and / or interview.

6. Study options

Track A, Plan A1 (thesis)*
Track A, Plan A2 (independent study)**
Track B,   (independent study)***

*,** office hour class
*** non – office hour class

7. Tuition fees

Track A: 26,000 THB per semeter
Track B: 41,000 THB per semeter

8. Career Opportunities

8.1 Executives in the public and private sector
8.2 Politicians and political officials
8.3 Professionals in public and private organizations
8.4 Lecturers or academics in the social sciences
8.5 Military officers, police officers and government officers
8.6 Independent workers

9. Contact details

9.1 Graduate School of Public Administration (Bangkok center)
National Institute of Development Administration
118 Seri Thai Road, Klongchan
Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240
Tel. 02-375-8778 Fax. 02-375-9164

9.2 Nakorn Ratchasrima center
Km 204, Mitrapap Road, Lat Bua Khao,
Sikhio District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30340
Tel. 044-756-790 Fax. 044-756-79

9.3 Udon Thani center
226/4 Prajak Sillapakom, Mak Keng,
Amphoe Mueang Udon Thani, Udon Thani 41000
Tel. 042-243-3880 Fax. 042-243-388

9.4 Phitsanulok center
410 Tambon Bueng Phra, Amphoe Mueang
Phitsanulok 65000
Tel. 055-337-518 Fax. 055-337-518

9.5 Surat Thani center
8/23 Si Wichai Road, Tambon Makham Tia,
Amphoe Mueang, Surat Thani 84000
Tel. 077-281-184 Fax. 077-220-311

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