East-West Training Center for Excellence : The Quest for Revitalization

9 September 2016, 3:50 pm
Published in Faculty Research

Associate Professor Dr.Boon-Anan Phinaitrup,Graduate School of Public Administration(GSPA NIDA)

Mr. Chanchai Issara, Director of East-West Training Center for Excellent concerned about the rising of many problems that the Center faced. They were growing other establishments for training service for both public and private sectors, Thai workforce was changing including three generations who have values and behavior different. Furthermore,there was the worrisome perception that the government sector from which the Center had drawn the majority of its course participants seemed to be according to the Center less recognition credence as a training venue of choice for public-sector staff members. With these challenges, Mr. Issara and his team had since 2007 taken a number of steps to position themselves for a competitive environment that was far less accommodating than the environment of years past when the Center had dominated the Thai market for training and development service. Now with the Board’s renewed push to further improve the Center, Mr. Issara felt that this was an opportunity to review what had been done. Would the steps that he had already been suffice to restore the Center's Competitive vitality and long-term survival?Or had he and his team merely scratch the surface of what would be required to arrest the Center’s descent from the lofty heights that had long been its.