Vision Statement

Governance,Sustainability,Partnership and Academic Excellence

GSPA Value500

Mission Statement

In order to achieve its vision,the School of Public Administration must do the following:

  • Produce graduates at the master's and doctoral degree level able to:
    • Act as changts agents creating ethically-based,effective organizations
    • Integrate and apply multidisciplinary approaches to improving 
      management systems
    • Analyze problems from a holistic perspectiv
  • Undertake research and contribute to the devaloping of new theories and concepts in the field of management,in order to solve societal progroms.
  • Provide advice and acadamic services to government,not-for-profit,and private sector organizations.
  • Promote continuing learing through the operations of a learning & development center able to serve the broad and diverse needs in our society.
  • Create cooperative networks for the furtherance of scholarly activities with other institutions at the local,and international level.